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Perth Decking Company - The original and best PVC decking installations Perth Wide.
Perth Decking Company aims to be the leading decking suppliers in Perth of these outstanding decking boards. Our application expertise, great prices, and efficient customer service have alresdy earned us a reputation for excellence. We look forward to assisting many more clients to obtain great looking, long lasting decking that is amazing value for money.

However, we're not just suppliers; we can help ensure your project goes well from start to finish. Allow us to take care of the whole process for you. We have trade qualified carpenters who can neatly install your deck to perfection, taking just a few hours in some cases. View our installation site for more details.

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Our Decking Types

Duralife Decking

Coming with a 25 year warranty not only will Duralife decking add value to your property, but it will look fantastic and become a feature of your home. Low maintenance decking is our speciality, and Duralife is the finest quality when it comes to high quality and low maintenance.

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MVP Decking

MVP Decking is the perfect choice for the budget conscious household looking for a great looking, ultra low maintenance decking solution. It is made from up to 90% recycled materials. It is engineered to be maintained by giving it a quick sweep and soapy water wash.

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Duralife Railways Railing

Duralife Railways Railing is the perfect complement to Duralife artificial decking. It is perfect for outdoor staircases of any kind, and can be used to connect decks in a seamless, and stylish way to add to your outdoor setting. Contact us for more information on our railing.

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